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 As a results oriented management consulting firm, the mission of Marketingforgreen is to effect positive change, thereby helping to create a sustainable society.   We're passionate about people, planet, and profits.  Our services are designed for business and the public sector. With more than ten years of service in the industry, we're knowledgeable about many areas of the green economy including policy, marketing, business sustainability, technology, and clean energy.  As a result, we're uniquely qualified  to help our clients  manage a ever changing global economy by converting business risk into opportunities for success.  While our technical knowledge and business maturity is important to our clients success, we believe strongly that relationships, ethics, values, and trust are also equally important - that's why we're choosy with client selection. 

Recent industry trends suggest more than ever before, consumers are incorporating social responsibility - environmental and social into decision making criteria when purchasing goods and services. This trend is also being influenced by shifting demographics. With a global economy a click away via the internet, consumers will eventually purchase from companies committed to social responsibility or share these same values. This trend will continue to grow into the foreseeable future. The question for a potential client reading this is how do you compete with that? For us,  that is a "Why Us" question. We're excited at  Marketingforgreen at the prospect of working with you because you should know we have the illuminating answer(s) that ensure the success of  our clients. 

Our client engagement process depends on the type of project meaning  our work with a client may have discrete beginning and ending points, or project timelines may be less concrete. Therefore, the process is tailored based upon the needs of the client.  A written report is generated that includes a scope of work,  project plan with timelines, a cost analysis, and a schedule. Together, we can make it happen!

We're  proud of our accomplishments to date and the recognition by others in the industry including the United States Department of Energy (Solar Energy Technologies Office), the Clean Energy Business Network (CEBN), Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU's), Detroit City Council Green Task Force Committee,  Invest Atlanta,, and the University of Vermont. We have also consulted senior management at Ford Motor Company,  Fiat Chrysler, and Lennox International. As a member of the CEBN, we have access to 3,200 members and the technical resources to ensure smooth implementation and timely completion of projects.   


Bennie J. Hayden, Founder's Bio

 A company is only as strong as its executive leadership.  Like millions of other Americans, I lost a well-paid position during the Great Recession.  During this time, I reflected on something my Mom told me while growing up about how “in times of crisis, there are also opportunities for those who choose to look for them”. I got busy and started reading and researching different career paths but the more I read about the green economy, it led to more reading and research. In particular, a book by Van Jones, the “Green Collar Economy” inspired me because it illustrated how I could use my business skills to impact society in a positive way.  It also became apparent to me that long term, social entrepreneurship provided me the best opportunity for job security and income earning potential. The next decision I made was in my mind the game changer. It was important to me that if I started a knowledge-based business, I recognized I needed to become knowledgeable about sustainability. In other words, I wanted to know more than just buzz words, but instead have an in-depth understanding of its methodologies, concepts and applicability.  I traveled to beautiful Burlington, Vermont and obtained my professional certification in business sustainability (People, Planet, and Profits) at the University of Vermont. Shortly thereafter, Marketingforgreen was founded. As its Founder, our values are to act in good faith, be environmentally friendly, embrace diversity, and enhance the community through sustainability. 


University of Detroit Mercy (formerly University of Detroit)

Bachelor of Science,  Marketing Management

Minor, Economics

University of Vermont

Professional Certification

Business Sustainability - People, Planet, Profits